How to Maximize Your Use of Rubber Message Bracelets

Rubber message bracelets are not only excellent in allowing you to make a fashion statement, the message in the design itself may be something that the wearer holds true or something that inspires them. This does not only give them aesthetic value, but a utilitarian one as well. So what are the ways by which you can make full use of your message bracelets? Here are a few creative suggestions.

Declarations of Love

If you are courting somebody, then rubber message bracelets are a great way to convey your feelings. Of course, this won’t do in lieu of a wedding ring, but if you’re simply asking a girl to be your girlfriend, this is a great way to do it. It’s not like this has not been done before. There are message bracelets saying, “Will You Be Mine?” that are perfect for declarations of love. If she wears it, then needless to say the answer is yes.

Couples can also benefit from message bracelets. You and your significant other can both have matching rubber bracelets made with a message that is close to both your hearts. This way, in times that your love falters or you are not in good terms, one look at your bracelets can remind you of the love you share. Also, you may add your initials and even your anniversary date. This helps you remember your anniversary so you won’t get in trouble for forgetting.

Inspiration in Times of Need

People who are devoted in their faith often get rubber message bracelets with their favorite quote or verse from the Bible. Since rubber bracelets are easy to wear, people are more likely to wear them whenever they go out. This means you’ll have this reminder on your wrist should there be days when you feel down or you feel like you’re lost in life. You don’t have to look for a sign; it’s right there near the palm of your hand. While you may want to use it for yourself, you can also help other people out by giving it to a friend who is in dire need of inspiration.

Not Just For Your Wrists

Simply because they’re rubber bracelets doesn’t mean they’re just for your wrist. Because message bracelets are more than just for fashion, sometimes people put them in other places where they’re easily visible. For a bit of diversity, you can attach it to your key-chain, to your bag’s zipper, to a belt loop or even your cell phone string. The bracelet is a flexible accessory and it’s up to you to find other places to put it aside from your wrist.

The bracelet is also as good as a name-tag or an ID. The difference is, while your ID gives information about your name, age and address, your wristband shows your interests and preferences. Similar to a charm bracelet, you can fill your rubber bracelet with icons of your favorite movie, book, cartoon character, food and everything else.

So the next time you think that a rubber bracelet is just an accessory, think again. Aside from being something that can accent your wrist, rubber message bracelets can actually “summarize” who you are as a person and help people know more about you even at first glance.