3 Reasons Why Colored Rubber Bracelets Have Become So Popular

Remember the friendship bracelet, the bandana, and the Walkman? At one time, each of these items was the in-thing. Whether they were made popular by a pop icon, a super model, an athlete or a movie, these were wide spread trends.


People of all age groups, genders and races bought into them. The emergence of colored rubber bracelets can be compared to a lot of these past trends. Although, in many ways these bracelets have transcended these former trends because of its powerful and lasting appeal. Colored rubber bracelets are one of the most popular items to come on the scene for three reasons:


  1. They make great marketing tools

Whether used for company branding or cause marketing, colored rubber bracelets are very powerful marketing tools.  Lance Armstrong really kicked of the trend with the Livestrong concept. Since 2004, over 55 million Livestrong bracelets have been sold worldwide and a donation to cancer research is made every time a bracelet is purchased. Everyone can embrace the fight against cancer and many people like to show their support of charitable causes.


In the past, people raised awareness about a cause by wearing tee shirts, caps or pins. The bracelet quickly emerged as the newer, cooler trend. Since, Lance Armstrong’s branded bracelet, several other colored rubber bracelets have appeared. There are pink ones for breast cancer, peach represents uterine cancer, the blue is synonymous with colon cancer and there are many more to choose from.


  1. They are inexpensive

The average retail cost for a colored rubber bracelet is around $5. Those that support a charity tend to cost less and offer a portion of the proceeds to the charity while bracelets sold by a Major League Baseball team can cost up to $25. The relative low cost makes them accessible to everyone including children.


The bracelets appeal amongst the younger age group has added a huge boost to its popularity. Children and teenagers can find bracelets in their favorite colors, designs and even with the name of their favorite ball player. The younger generation is the trendsetting generation. Whatever they sport, their peers will wear and in many cases, their parents will wear also.



  1. They are fun to wear

Many people like collecting colored rubber bracelets. They can be easily and comfortably worn by slipping them on your wrist. To date, the bracelet designs are endless and readily customizable. An array of colors, multi-colored, embossed, fun prints like camouflage and tie dye can all be found at retail or on the internet. Some even wear plain ones as fashion accessories.


Whatever your feelings on them, colored rubber bracelets are here stay. They have already been in existence for a while and their power continues to grow. They can be custom-made for any purpose. Companies recognize the marketing power and people enjoy what they represent. They are in many ways the perfect marketing invention with their low cost and mass appeal.