Awareness Bracelets: Get the Message Out

I’m sure you have seen people wearing these Awareness Bracelets. Those colorful rubber bands found on people’s wrists all over the city. People from adults, celebrities and professional athletes to middle school kids are all displaying these cute, little bracelets.

It all started off as a simple statement to help support cancer research and awareness, but ended up evolving into a popular social trend and fashion accessory. The colored rubber bracelets are now commonly used to promote awareness and other social issues.  A specifically chosen color and a clever phrase on the bracelet, allows the wearer to convey a message to their community.

Perhaps you have seen some of the bracelets promoting a cause with which you are familiar. Some popular ones are; Green for environmental issues, yellow for cancer, pink for breast cancer, orange for Leukemia, lavender for Epilepsy, red for Child Abuse, rainbow for peace campaigns, and black & white for anti-racism. Of course there are numerous other applications for the rubber bracelets, and a lot more colors are used. Many of the colors will have multiple uses, so you might want to check the text or symbol message on the bracelet to be sure.

The message on the bracelet is just as important as the color. If you see a green bracelet it could be an awareness bracelet for the environment, but if it says “Go Celtics” on the band then it is serving a whole different purpose. So keep in mind that the text or message on the bracelet is what will determine the purpose of the rubber bracelet, and not all colored rubber bracelets will be considered awareness bracelets.

Order Awareness Bracelets

So you are ready to use awareness bracelets for your campaign, now what? The simplest way to order the rubber bracelets is online. There are many manufacturers with easy to use order systems on their websites that make it quick and easy to set up your rubber bracelet. You will be given various options to customize the bracelets to fit your needs. Some of the common options available for the bracelet are; size, color, color combination, text, symbols, and print options. What options you choose will determine how successful your Awareness bracelet will be.

An important point to think about when ordering the rubber bracelets is the quantity needed. It will always be cheaper to order larger quantities because the cost lowers significantly the more you order. If the cost per unit is lower, than your profit margin would be a lot higher if you planned to sell the bracelets for a profit. On the other hand, if you plan to use the bracelets as giveaways, then the overall cost will simply be a better savings for your bulk purchase. does not require a minimum order for rubber bracelets and will have fast production and quick delivery. With a $50 or more order, delivery will be free.

If you need to create your Awareness bracelets, now you know what to do.