Cancer Awareness Bracelets: Striking a Balance between Fashion and Passion

When you look at the way information and advocacy is mobilized today, you would be surprised to know that it has learned to milk the bandwagon concept for all its worth. This means that advocacies are proliferated through trends. While in the past those were more of inquisitions, protests, and anything that borders on being violent, it is very different from the current practice of these organizations. You will be surprised to know that they have learned to hit people’s curious minds through fashion. Yes, fashion is now a political tool used to send messages, mobilize people, and to make sure that they are informed of the different but equally crucial issues that are presently talked about. Today, rubber bracelets seem to be among the best choices of people who want to disseminate information and forward causes to the most number of audience possible. This is because they can easily be mass produced, are relatively safe to wear, and can be very fashionable. Some of the causes that have used this strategy to their advantage are cancer awareness programs by giving away cancer awareness bracelets.

Gone are the days when tattoos ruled or when fashion needed to be overhauled to support a particular cause. Today, everyone unites by wearing cancer awareness bracelets regardless of what their inclinations may be in the political spectrum. This trend of using rubber or silicone-based cancer awareness bracelets started a long time ago because they comfortable and fashionably striking. However, it was most popular during the time that “baller ids” were introduced in the market, especially for sport aficionados who want to support their respective teams. It extended when sports brands like Nike and Adidas made their own versions to support the fight against poverty, aids, child labor, human trafficking, and cancer, among others.

Now, cancer awareness bracelets have become an indispensable fashion piece that transcends all barriers may it be cultural, social, or gender in nature. It’s become more prominent especially now that it is also worn by women, the gender class that has been associated with weaker physical attributes. You will also be pleased to know that each color represents a different type of disease. The color yellow stands for bladder cancer, while grey represents brain cancer. The most popular, however, is pink which is the manifestation of the fight against breast cancer, considered one of the single and most common cancer that is fatal to women, and in some instances, men.

You might think that it is okay to wear them when you are wearing casual clothes, but might be weird when you wear it in social functions and gatherings. However, you might be surprised to know that even Hollywood stars, whose participation in causes have been consistent in the past, actually wear these bands in high fashion parties and gatherings. This is the greatest manifestation that fashion trends today are actually striking a balance between aesthetics and political relevance. If you want to be like these people, then support their causes by wearing cancer awareness bracelets.

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