Charity Bracelets: A Fashion Accessory with a Purpose

Charity bracelets come with the dual purpose of raising charity as well as making a style statement. They are a trendy and inexpensive way to serve the purpose that they are meant for. Charity bracelets have been flaunted by many Hollywood stars and socialites. This has increased their value in the eyes of the people.

Charity bracelets come with a message. The message that they convey is usually a social message with the purpose of spreading awareness. You can coordinate a nice charity bracelet with a fashionable to a social event. This is an interesting blend of culture and fashion. You are showing that you care for the society but not in a stereotypical way. You have your own special way.

Many designs which we can incorporate in our styles are put up on the internet. We can transform a normal bracelet into a charity bracelet by adding a symbol of a particular awareness on it.

How It All Started

The trend of charity bracelets started with the live strong silicone bracelets. They were yellow in color. They are known as Lance Armstrong bracelets. Lance Armstrong was 25 years old when he was attacked with cancer. He fought the disease bravely and got cured. So, these charity bracelets are a movement to fight cancer bravely. They also stand in favor of cancer research.

These bracelets were well promoted and they got a good response in the market. Their popularity reached its zenith as Oprah Winfrey invited Lance Armstrong to her talk show and distributed these silicone bracelets to her audience. These bracelets are inexpensive. They serve the cause of charity as well as make a style statement.

Not only these yellow bracelets but many other rubber bracelets are available in the market as charity bracelets. They come in bright colors like blue, pink, striped, or just about any other color, and the charity bracelets are usually made of silicone rubber. They are used in order to  promote several causes like AIDS awareness, awareness of diabetes, awareness against violence, awareness of animal rights to mention a few.

Fund-raising Purposes

Charity bracelets are commonly used for the purpose of raising funds for many different causes. Many schools and churches raise funds through charity bracelets. Many clubs and other groups also do the same. Charity bracelets are a cost effective way to raising funds and can be quite trendy as well.