Effective Tools for Marketing Campaigns

Rubber bracelets are very popular because they look cool and hip. These are also a great way of promoting causes and other campaigns. Come election time, rubber bracelets are one of the most prominent election paraphernalia that is distributed to supporters in rallies and parades. The reason why they are so popular is that they are cheap and are very versatile.

Rubber wristbands are also a great way of endorsing and promoting merchandise. Sporting merchandise often use silicone bracelets to sell to their fans. They are easily mass produced, and require very little capital. Once the brand is engraved or printed on them, their value skyrockets to more than 300% their original price.

Custom rubber bracelets can be ordered online. You can choose the design, the color of the silicone wristbands, and the text or logo to be imprinted on the bracelet. Usually, you can order a minimum of 50 rubber bracelets online and this will cost around 2 to 5 dollars. However, you get more discounts when you order rubber wristbands in bulk.

Originally, rubber bracelets are called Baller IDs, because basketball players used this to identify their teams during a tune-up or practice game. They would usually wear two colors of bracelet, one for each team.

Rubber bracelets are very popular tools for marketing, especially for small and medium companies who need to establish their brand. Rubber bracelets give the customers a very specific image for name recall and brand recognition because people get to wear it. This is a double-edged marketing strategy that works on the person wearing the band and the people he gets to meet. Remember those times when you just can’t help looking at the articles of clothing and accessories your friend is wearing? Remember those times when you just had to read what his rubber bracelet is saying? That is the magic of rubber bracelets marketing – it catches people’s attention very easily.

Rubber bracelets are very effective on people aged 13 to 25. These are the age groups that are most likely to wear rubber bands for causes. Never underestimate the spending power of the young people because they can really spend and move markets as one.

Rubber bracelets are the newest craze in the marketing industry today. You can even order rubber bracelets online from websites without any minimum order amount, but you have to select websites that have this offer, and they are out there.