Ever Popular Colored Rubber Bracelets

How many times a day do you see someone wearing some colorful rubber bracelet on their wrist? Lately, it seems I see them more often then a wristwatch. A simple concept of showing your support or allegiance to some organization has become a very common practice.

Some popular uses of the colored rubber bracelets commonly include deadly disease awareness and social issue awareness. How can you forget those yellow rubber bracelets that Lance Armstrong made so commonplace in the world today, or how about those pink bracelets supporting breast cancer awareness? Another common color, green can be seen being used for various environmental issues; the being “green” concept. Associating different colors with different causes has become common knowledge in our culture.

One important reason colored rubber bracelets have become so prevalent is their low construction costs. The silicone rubber that is used for the rubber bracelets is inexpensive, and easily molded into any shape desired. When being formed, the silicone bracelet can have any symbols or text, embossed or debossed onto the bracelet. This enables easy customization of the bracelet allowing a unique look and application for your targeted users. Bracelet colors can be readily adjusted as solid colors or some creative mixture at the time of construction. Sizing is very flexible because they can be made in different thicknesses as well as different wrist sizes to accommodate adults and children.

Due to the inexpensive nature of silicone rubber, the silicone bracelets’ price per unit can be quite low. Manufacturers always give a discount for larger quantities purchased. Buying one or two custom rubber bracelets will be more expensive than buying 1,000’s of the same custom bracelets. So, instead of paying about 2-3 dollars per bracelet it is possible to get them around 30-40 cents each, a huge savings. And if you are getting them so cheap than your profit margin is so much larger.

Health and social awareness has been the facilitator in the rubber bracelet’s popularity, but big business has taken notice and is now utilizing the bracelets to promote their products. Businesses have been slapping their logos and branding on the rubber bracelets and then handing them out for better product exposure. Many people don’t mind wearing a colorful bracelet that is free, and may even have a fun element to it. Some will even wear multiple colored rubber bracelets creating a rainbow effect on their arm.

Sometimes the colored bracelet does not have any special meaning other than to be used as and entrance pass to an event or concert. This is an inexpensive method to allow guests access to your event without having to use stamps or ask for a ticket. Guests will wear the colorful bracelet readily displaying that they are allowed entrance, and your security team will be happy with the increased visibility of access permits and/or tickets.

The simplistic nature of colored rubber bracelets fuels its popularity. Low costs, its many uses, and societal acceptance and understanding of their use, gives these bracelets a great advantage over any other means of social awareness and branding. Maybe its time to buy silicone rubber bracelets now