Facts about Rubber Bracelets and why you should have one

They’re elastic, simple yet very noticeable and have been taking the accessory world by storm. Yes, these are rubber bracelets and a lot more. Compared to some of the other accessories that you will see these bracelets can be elegant in a way and don’t have to be over-designed. And even though they are quite as simple as they look, there are a lot about these that you might not realize. Here are some of the facts about these accessories and how they came to be known as what they are.

A Rubber Bracelet is worth Less than any other Accessory you Put on your Body

Obviously, it will be priced as such. There are no valuable stones or rubies that will be attached to this silicone bracelet. Unless, in a rare case that one nut-job would suddenly think it’s a great look. The true selling point here is the simplicity. With all the colors that you can put here, the bottom line is that it’s still just a single bracelet that can be easily removed and adjusted.

Another thing that makes it so enticing is its design. Mostly, these are silicone bracelets that do not cost as much when it comes to production. Add to that how easy it is to design them.

Custom Rubber Bracelets were First Worn for Charity Causes

This is a direct result of the easy production value of these bracelets. You can create them without much hassle, therefore making it one of the more preferred choices when it comes to charity events. The most common example when it comes to this is the Livestrong project by the Lance Armstrong Foundation. This charity cause has benefited very well from the sales of the bracelets as they have successfully spread the word of spreading cancer awareness all over the world. As a matter of fact, over a billion Livestrong charity bracelets have been sold only after the first week of its release.

Easy to Make and Easier to Sell!

The great thing about these bracelets is that they can be sold quite easily. Everyone wants to get their hands on them, whether it’s for a cause or just for aesthetic purposes. And the best part about it is that anyone can make them. The silicone bracelet obviously, will be factory made. But the designs will be up to you. It’s easy to style them and there are many ways to make them match your overall look. Order rubber bracelets and enjoy all the fun!