Fundraiser Bracelets Explained

Fundraiser bracelets have become a hip and happening way to spread the awareness about various social, political and medical causes.  Since the fundraiser bracelet is inexpensive, people from all walks of life can buy the bracelets to contribute their part and become a part of the awareness campaigns also. The bracelets are made in a stylish way and this also enables them to become fashion accessories as well.

Materials Used for Fundraiser Bracelet

The fundraiser bracelet is usually made of 100% medical grade silicone. These bracelets help to raise the desired funds for the cause, help to bring people together in a group and create the awareness for the cause. The fundraiser bracelet can be used at various conventions, concerts and sporting events as well.

Some of the causes where the bracelets have been extensively used include causes such as cancer, tsunami victims, child and women abuse victims, diabetes, Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s disease, holiday celebrations and donor programs as well.

Raising Awareness and Funds

In fact these bracelets have been extremely helpful in raising funds for extremely worthy causes and charitable causes as well. Both embossed versions and imprinted versions are also available for adults and kids. Teens especially have made it into a style symbol and can be seen sporting various styles of fundraiser bracelet.  The colors for the fundraiser bracelet are in line with the causes that use them. For example the AIDS campaign would use a red fundraiser bracelet while that of breast cancer would use the pink fundraiser bracelet.

How the concept was implemented

Lance Armstrong was truly revolutionary when he used the simple yellow silicone wristband to create awareness against cancer. Moreover it was simply priced at $1 and helped to raise the awareness among common people about the dangers of the problem. It found a style quotient when many of the celebrities also started sporting the bracelets as well. People always follow celebrities and started emulating them in wearing the fundraiser bracelet also.

When you wish to get the fundraiser bracelet, there are three things that you must look into. Firstly decide on the color of the fundraiser bracelet. Secondly, you would have to decide on logo or the lettering that goes along with it. Thirdly you will have to decide the supplier for the fundraiser bracelet. While there are plenty of suppliers that are available on the internet, it is most important that you get a reputable manufacturer to custom design the fundraiser bracelet for you. Cheap imitations can fall apart easily and won’t do well for your fundraiser.