Make Your Own Colorful Rubber Bracelets

Who said you needed to spend a fortune creating a set of colorful rubber bracelets? Even with a bag of inexpensive rubber bands, you can make a set of bracelets for a number of purposes. People wear rubber bracelets to promote their business or to campaign for a cause. Reasons vary, but the idea is the same—that is to send a message across.


Buy the Materials

There is no need to go on a shopping spree. Go to a school supplies store and buy as many rubber bands as you need. Do not just choose any type of rubber band. Choose the ½-inch thick ones, which are big enough for stickers. What is the point of buying thin rubber bands if you can’t write on them or put stickers on them?


Rubber bands come in different colors. Choose the right color depending on your purpose. Each color signifies a distinct message. For instance:

Black is for death and mourning.

Red is for bravery and protest.

White is for hope and purity.


Choose a color that appropriately describes your purpose or aim. On the other hand, business owners may choose a color that represents their business or one that closely matches the dominant color in the store logo. Do not go for colorful rubber bracelets for the sake of going colorful.


It’s common to have more than one cause or to campaign for several things. In this case, it may be apt to wear more than one rubber bracelet. It is common for people fighting for a cause to wear a few wristbands or bracelets, each representing a certain cause.


You can also buy plain white rubber bands and dye them later using your desired color, although this creates uneven color distribution and splotches. Just be careful not to overdo it when going the DIY route.


Write Your Message

Writing directly on the rubber band can be nerve wracking for many. Give this specific task to someone with excellent handwriting skills. Printing directly on the rubber band may be out of the question and embossing on them may require professional skills and tools.


But your colorful rubber bracelets cannot just go featureless. If you cannot find someone who has nice penmanship, then it’s time for the other option: buy blank stickers and print your message on them. Now this is very convenient.


Decide upon the right message to put on the rubber bracelets. The message should be short—concise and witty. In fact, it could be just one or two words, depending on what you are trying to promote or what your campaign is about. It could be as simple as “AIDS Awareness” or “Fight Bullying”. For business owners, it could be just the name of the company. Be clever. That message should, in brief, say all about what your cause is about or what you are trying to promote. Colorful rubber bracelets are useless without an appropriate message.



The safety precautions are for both the wearers and distributors of campaign bracelets. First, take note that some people are allergic to rubber. Do not wear one if you know you are allergic, and don’t ask someone to wear it if they say they are allergic to rubber.

Additionally, please do not use colorful rubber bracelets to promote forms of hate and bullying. Some organizations do this, and such behaviors should be discouraged.