Rubber Bracelets for Fundraising

Bracelets made of silicone rubber are very popular these days. The rubber bracelets were considered a fad that would fade away quickly, but now we see them lingering around and continue to be worn by millions. Wearing the colorful bracelets became very popular with the youth and eventually, adults and athletes started wearing them as well.

All the various colored bracelets eventually came to represent various charities and social causes. This fact has motivated millions of people to adopt the rubber bracelets and proudly display them on their wrists. The popularity of the bracelets has encouraged many charities to sell the bracelets to raise money. The rubber bracelet is very inexpensive to have made, and can be customized to fit any specific purpose or use.

Rubber Bracelets

The rubber bracelets are made of silicone rubber which is a low cost material, and can be molded in any color. The silicone is soft, flexible, comfortable to wear, and are durable enough to last a life time.

Buying the rubber bracelets in larger quantities lowers the unit price significantly.

The cost of each rubber bracelet can be a little as 50 cents each, and at that price, it is possible to have a very large profit margin for your fundraiser.

The simplicity of the construction of the bracelet means the manufacturing process will be fast. Additionally, many manufacturers will offer free and quick delivery which will save you more money. Of course, most will exclude the free shipping if being shipped internationally.

Most manufacturers of the rubber bracelets will have websites available that you can use to order the bracelets online. There will usually be a simple user interface allowing you to make the customizations you prefer.

Custom Rubber Bracelets

There are various options available to customize the rubber bracelet. The most obvious is the color of the bracelet. Most purchasers choose a color that is known to represent the cause or campaign, or maybe the brand that is being promoted.

The text and symbols are added based on the request of the buyer. Any phrase you wish can be printed on the band of the bracelet. Also, the text can be embossed (carved into the rubber) or debossed (raised), and colored to help allow the message to stand out. The only limitation you have with text is to make sure there is enough room on the bracelet to fit your complete text. Instead of, or in addition to, it is possible to use symbols on the bracelets, embossed or debossed just like the text would be.

Some other custom options for the rubber bracelets include; size, color combination, glow-in-the dark, swirls, or color segmented. The most common sizes available are either youth or adult sizes. The rubber does not have to made in just one color, it is possible to use more than one color in a swirl or segmented style. The color is probably one of the more important choices for your bracelet. The color can represent different ideas, social issues, or products, but in the end, it needs to be attractive enough to people to encourage them to wear the colored rubber bracelets.


Fundraising with Rubber Bracelets

Many organizations still sell products for profit to raise money. There are the usual items such as; candy, calendars, coupon books, etc. but some can be more complicated to manage. Using an outside company to manage your fundraising campaign will end up taking away some of the profit earned. Low overhead costs and greater profit margins are what make the rubber bracelet such a perfect fit.

These rubber bracelets are now commonly used by schools, sports teams, charity groups, and other social events. Think of the pink rubber bracelets used to support breast cancer research and awareness. Many of those pink rubber bracelets were sold for a couple of dollars, but the cost of the bracelets was less than a quarter of the selling price, thus the charity was able to reap large profits.

Profit aside, another advantage of the bracelets is its popularity. I know you have seen people wearing these colorful rubber bracelets on their wrists, and you have probably seen it quite often. It seems people enjoy the colorful bracelets. Some will wear several at a time using them to add a splash of color to the day’s attire.

If you are looking for a good fundraising product then rubber bracelets are going to give you some important advantages; popularity and low cost.