Rubber Bracelets: Silicone Rubber Bracelets Are All the Rage Nowadays

Oh yes, the humble silicone rubber bracelets are hot property right now and they are doing great business all over the world, proving the fashion pundits wrong! These graceful little silicone Rubber bracelets had once been completely written off by the high priests of fashion, but they have found a popular fan following amongst the masses. Millions of people all across the globe love to wear silicone Rubber bracelets and they are trendy pieces of fashion accessory found in every wardrobe.

You can spot these on every second arm when you step out of your house and they are available in a riot of colors, in pale pastel shades as well as in shocking shades, in contrasting colors to grab eyeballs and of course you have the liberty to choose from a variety of designs.

They are extremely pocket friendly, affordable and even college goers can easily flaunt a dozen of them on their wrists. If you want to make a cool campus statement, you can mix and match 3 or 4 Rubber bracelets and wear them on your wrists, matching with your outfit.

Silicone Rubber bracelets are also strong and durable; they can stand the pressure of wear and tear and are created in such a way that they last for a long time. So, as you can understand, these silicone Rubber bracelets are good value for money fashion pop picks.

But these Rubber bracelets today are no longer simply fashion accessories, they serve a graver purpose in the form of being vehicles through which you can create public awareness regarding burning social issues. You can customize your Rubber bracelets and inscribe messages on them, emboss your organization’s logo on them, scribble messages and slogans on them to create awareness of various kinds of social or charity or fun events, social causes etc.

Almost every second celebrity nowadays are seen wearing silicone Rubber bracelets espousing some cause or the other – some carry the messages of the United Nations, some of WHO, some of CRY or Child Relief and You, some of UNICEF and so on, and so forth. Many of these Rubber bracelets spread awareness about cancer, AIDS, hepatitis, influenza and other such life threatening diseases.

Even basketball players, workers and members of health awareness organizations, peer counselors, religious groups, cheerleaders and political leaders as well as missionaries wear these message or awareness silicone Rubber bracelets to espouse their respective causes. Sometimes they are worn to show solidarity for some cause.

These silicone Rubber bracelets were popularized by a certain Lance Armstrong during the Tour de France, 2004 when he wore a yellow silicone rubber wristband to support his Lance Armstrong Foundation – a charity organization that raises funds to fight against cancer.

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