Why Rubber Bracelets Will Never Go Out of Style

Rubber bracelets have been around for a long time, and while fashion trends come and go, these bracelets are going to be around for a very long time, because unlike other fads, these are very flexible, affordable and customizable so you can wear them on different occasions. Whether it is for raising awareness, promoting something or sharing information or charity, the humble rubber bracelet can do it all.

Simple yet Versatile

Silicone rubber bracelets, in their most basic design, are rubber loops that you wear over your wrist with a message or logo stamped on them. One of the most popular ways of using these bracelets is to print a “Come Home Soon” message for servicemen working overseas, and these are also used by some medical facilities to inscribe the name of a patient and their medication on it. By checking the bracelet and the attached information, the attending medical personnel can see the pertinent data without looking it up in their database.

Of course these bracelets can also be worn as an accessory. Available in pink, black, neon, pastel and just about every color you can think of, you can mix and match them with other accessories and apparel and deliver your own personal message. However, there’s no questioning the fact rubber bracelets are best known and associated with charity, relief efforts and similar activities. These bracelets can also be seen on the wrists of aid workers and volunteers working in disaster relief areas, citizens campaigning for specific causes and so on.

Why the Widespread Appeal?

There are many reasons why these bracelets have become the most popular means for ‘wearing your heart on your sleeve” so to speak. Unlike t-shirts or banners, silicone rubber bracelets are inexpensive, easy to mass produce and can be customized to suit your cause. Since they’re just rubber loops, you can add a message or logo and use different colors for your wristbands, depending on what cause you’re supporting or message you are trying to send out.

For individuals who want to show their support for a particular cause or show they’re part of a volunteer group, he or she can purchase them cheaply, often for as little as a dollar a piece. If you’re organizing an event and want to order bracelets in bulk, you can do so and often at a discount because competition among these companies is tight. Ordering methods are flexible too, allowing you to purchase as little as a dozen packs or get them in hundreds.

Aside from being used to support causes, these wristbands can be employed in other ways such as controlling crowds, and venues often use them as a device for restricting access in concerts or other events to those who have tickets or passes. But more than that, the reason why rubber bracelets will never go out of style is it has come to symbolize man’s determination to survive against the odds. By simply adding a message, symbol or logo on a bracelet, you’ll be able to express your message clearly.