Rubber Wrist Bracelets: Powerful Tools for Advertising

Advertising is about letting the customers be aware about a certain product or service and rubber wrist bracelets are a very effective way of doing this. A lot of people usually see personalized wrist bracelets as just another fashion trend but the truth is you can use them as tools for advertising. Just consider this fun fact: three out of five people will be able to recall what color your bracelet was and the specific design it had more than they will remember what your shirt was. People do most of their daily actions with their hands and people usually begin interacting with you via a handshake. To further support this statement, consider the following reasons why rubber wrist bracelets can be effectual tools for marketing and advertising.


#1: They are Affordable

Did you know that rubber is eight times less expensive than leather and it will most likely outlive your leather bracelets? Rubber is affordable, easy to find, easy to purchase, and easy to customize. Leather, on the other hand, can change its price according to its build, color, and authenticity. Rubber wrist bracelets are equally affordable, no matter if you get one that is as dark as night or as bright as a child’s birthday party. Advertising is designed to make customers come in and earn money, not for you to just spend it. With these bracelets being so affordable you can provide enough for your staff and still be comfortable with the expenses.

#2: They Can Grab People’s Attention

One of the first rules of marketing is that any advertisement should be easily seen by a lot of potential customers. Otherwise you’ll be advertising to a blank wall. Luckily, as mentioned above, your hands are walking billboards in the middle of the city highway. You’ll be interacting with hundreds of people every day without even noticing it. Strangers on the street, co-workers in the office, family and friends, they all can see what you are wearing around your wrists. Whether you talk to people or not, simply walking down the street is the equivalent of waving an advertising banner. If people can read the time off of a stranger’s wristwatch then they can most definitely see whatever product or company you are advertising with your rubber wrist bracelet.

#3: They are Flexible

One of the biggest problems of putting a billboard is if the information displayed on it changes. You’ll have to go through the long process of getting another billboard done just compensate for a new email address or a new product. Rubber wrist bracelets are cheap and quick to make so if you need to be flexible and make some changes, it won’t cost your company a fortune. You could personalize a few hundred of these to advertise several products or just to carry the logo of the company while another few hundred could carry the company’s contact information. You can literally choose everything from the size, color, and print. This makes rubber wrist bracelets one of the most cost-effective advertising items available today.