Selling Rubber Bracelets for Your Charity

Rubber bracelets can be seen on people everywhere. There are red, blue, pink, swirled, and tie-die bracelets that you can customize to fit the needs of your charity. Choosing a color and message that supports your goals as an organization can assist you in gathering funding, both now and in the future as more people see the accessory on their friends, neighbors, and colleagues.

Why Choose Rubber Bracelets?

Rubber bracelets are a great choice for your charity to use for fundraising for several reasons. These accessories are affordable, noticeable, and are popular among people everywhere. A bright pink bracelet for cancer awareness is going to get more attention than you may expect, so don’t be afraid of fun, bold colors when advocating for your charity. You can also include a message on your order, as well, so make sure you include some information on how people can donate in the future.

Some good information to include on your rubber bracelets is the website for the organization, and if you have a local group or chapter then you may want to include the address. Your customization can include a combination of smaller and larger fonts, so you have some room to work with when creating your custom message. For some charities, simply the color is enough to remind people it is time to donate again, but the message you send is also important.

Gathering Donations

Without donations a charity may find it hard to survive. Rubber bracelets are a simple solution when you are having a difficult time coming up with ideas to raise money. Donations can be rewarded with the bracelet, or you can give them out at an event for your organization. There are many ways that you can use this fun accessory to raise funds for your cause.