Should You Invest in Cheap Rubber Bracelets?

Cheap rubber bracelets are a cost-effective way of promoting your business. They come in a wide variety of colors and can be purchased at a lesser price than high-quality rubber bracelets. If you have just started a business endeavor, here are the things that you should consider before buying cheap rubber bracelets for marketing purposes.

The Pros of Buying Cheap Rubber Bracelets:

• Cost effectiveness

You will be able to buy your marketing materials at a significantly lower price. This means that you can buy more at a price that should match a smaller order of high-quality rubber bracelets. This allows you to reach even more potential clientele through distribution alone.

• Quality

Exterior-wise, cheap rubber bracelets will more or less resemble the ones made of higher quality material. They may even have a more elastic quality. This will help you promote your business at a lower cost. That is definitely worth the money!

• Amount

As mentioned earlier, by using cheaper rubber bracelets, you will be capable of releasing a larger quantity, as they are less expensive. Therefore, instead of buying 1,000 high-quality ones, you may be able to avail of 1,500 of cheap rubber bracelets. That means you can give it to an additional 500 people. This will allow you to reach more potential customers.

The Cons of Buying Cheap Rubber Bracelets:

• Durability

This product will not last as long as the higher quality bracelets. It may snap, tear or crumble faster. The colors may also fade after a short period of time and due to the degradation of the bracelet, a customer may stop wearing it. If you buy poor quality cheap bracelets then you may not be able to succeed in your marketing campaign, as people will probably not wear them for longer periods.

• Price

You may need to replace poor quality rubber bracelets in a shorter period of time as they degrade faster than the more expensive rubber bracelets. This will mean double or triple the cost for you. With that in mind, it may be more cost-effective to order rubber bracelets of better quality. Keep in mind that you may also have to pay for shipping costs for the second batch.

• Not As Eco-friendly

Since the first batch is damaged in a shorter span of time and the company has to buy even more, it would be more Eco-friendly to purchase high-quality rubber bracelets instead. However, since it is made of rubber or rubber-silicone, the remnants of the older bracelets may be put to good use through recycling.
Before you purchase cheap rubber bracelets, you must take time to consider how long you expect them to last and how it could impact your business. This is especially true if there is a greater likelihood that you will expand your business. Expansion may require you to order more customized rubber bracelets for clientele in a new area. With that in mind, it might make more sense to invest in cheap rubber bracelets. Just make sure you take time in scouting for options so you could find good quality yet cheap rubber bracelets.


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