Top 7 Reasons Why Rubber Bracelets are Great Promotional Items

Rubber bracelets are a novel idea that can be used to promote any business or cause. It was introduced to the world through the LIVESTRONG campaign that helped fund cancer research and awareness back in 2004. Since then, this ingenious promotional item has remained a popular way to increase marketing potential and increases sales. Here are the top seven reasons why any business owner should consider adding these bracelets to their arsenal of marketing tools.

Reason 1: Exclusivity

The elitist potential is a major factor that attracts potential customers and clients alike. Every person wants to have proof that he or she is part of something exclusive or special. Start off your business endeavor with a bang by distributing rubber bracelets with the company logo to your highest paying clients. This will attract potential customers to buy more, just to avail of this exclusive item.

Reason 2: Attractiveness

Rubber bracelets come in a wide variety of colors and designs. With an eye-catching bracelet, more people will want to find out about the charity, product or service. Use this to your advantage by having the company’s website URL, email address or contact number printed on the bracelet. This will guarantee an increase in sales by some degree.

Reason 3: Cost-effective

If you buy rubber bracelets in bulk, you may get them at a lower cost and be able to distribute to more people. This will improve the visibility of the company and help boost sales potential. Most providers provide a hefty discount for larger orders. Contact rubber bracelet manufacturers to find out more about their wholesale rates.

Reason 4: Fashion Statement

Attractive colors and designs catch attention. You can distribute it to your personnel or staff and even your best customers. Make sure to use vibrant colors to help the wristband stand out. This is a guaranteed marketing ploy of increasing visibility and awareness. Once again, use this to your business’ advantage.

Reason 5: Boosts Sales

Give this away as a freebie for customers who spend a large amount on purchases. Other customers are sure to follow suit just to avail of the rubber bracelets. You may even sell some next to the cash register at a fair price. These are two ways to increase your company’s earning potential. It is a proven fact that freebies motivate customers to spend more.

Reason 6: Color Choices

You can have them made in different colors to match any outfit. This will motivate customers to purchase them in varying hues. Some manufacturers even have them in glow-in-the-dark colors. If a client were to wear it in a nightclub, that would mean extra exposure for you.

Reason 7: Safe to Use

Since it is made from durable and elastic material, this product can be worn by anyone. It can also be washed, to remove grime or dust. This is why it is a popular accessory for young adults and yuppies.

Rubber wrist accessories are a foolproof marketing strategy. Since it can be worn by anyone, it may even surpass billboards in effectiveness. Consider using rubber bracelets to advertise your business or charity today!