What Makes Rubberband Bracelets Tick?

If by some chance you’ve noticed a slightly thick and bright multicolored bracelet made of rubber bands coiled around someone’s wrist, then you’ve just made a brief acquaintance with the latest socially agreeable and stylish way to express yourself and your thoughts to the world. These are rubberband bracelets, also referred to as silicone rubber bracelets, a very popular medium adopted by nearly everyone nowadays to promote an honorable cause, or simply to express kind words of optimism, encouragement and comfort.


What Do Rubber Band Bracelets Stand For?

This type of bracelets is worn as a means to span everything from promoting cancer awareness to racism. One popular example would be the yellow “Live Strong” silicone bracelet used by the Lance Armstrong Foundation to raise money to fund cancer research and to promote increased awareness of the disease. Another is the wearing of a combination of a black and a white rubber band on the wrist to signify that the wearer is against racism.

The colors of these rubberband bracelets are not the only ones that identify what cause they stand up for. It is the messages as well which are color-filled, silk-screened, embossed, or engraved onto the bracelets which helps to back these causes. These bracelets are at the very top of almost everyone’s list as far as generating awareness is concerned.


What Makes Them So Popular?

Apart from fund raising and charitable events, these rubberband bracelets are very popular as well in company events, concerts, school affairs, sporting events, and others. One of the reasons they are so popular is they are inexpensive which makes them within easy reach for nearly everyone. Another reason is that they are not restricted to a certain age group or gender. You won’t be arrested by the fashion police if you’re seen wearing one of these on your wrist, whether you are young or old, male or female.


Who Can Wear Rubber Band Bracelets?

There are no set rules for the number of bracelets that can be worn. And there is also no rule – written or unwritten – that states that you can only wear rubber wristbands that stand for something or delivers some sort of message. In truth, it is acceptable to wear these bracelets for their design, for their color, or the message they carry, or just for the sake of wearing them. Again, fashion police can’t drag you off to jail for wearing these items just because you want to.

Nevertheless, it is general knowledge that many people wear one or more of these rubberband bracelets because they do have significant meaning to the wearer.

  • It can be in support of a cause that they find worthy.
  • It can be a way for them to establish a unique personal identity.
  • It can be an event they have attended and have wonderful memories of.
  • Or it can hold deeper meaning such as struggling with some terrible odds and winning.

Whatever meaning they hold for the wearer, rubberband bracelets reveal far more than the message it holds. They show the world what stuff their wearers are made of and what they stand for.