Why Charities use Rubber Bracelets

The last time you went to a charity event you most likely saw people wearing those colored rubber bracelets. The bracelets are not necessarily used as a fashion statement, but instead are used to demonstrate affiliation to an organization or social issue. The popularity of the rubber bracelets has helped many charity groups promote an event or cause. There are several reasons why charity groups have taken on using these colorful rubber bracelets.

First, the rubber bracelets are very inexpensive. This is probably one of the most important reasons because most charity organizations are very concerned about cost. Whether the bracelets are being given away or sold, the cost of each will determine how expensive the giveaway is, or how much profit will be made if the rubber bracelets are to be sold. Less overhead costs are always desirable to just about any charity.

Second, the fun and attractiveness of the rubber bracelets is a great advantage. Most people love the various colors the bracelets will be created in and how those colors can complement your outfit. Some will wear a rainbow of rubber bracelets around their arm, and other will simply wear one to have a touch of color accent about them.

Third, is the rubber bracelets can be easily customized to fit any purpose or application. When the bracelets are ordered, there are numerous options that can be applied to the rubber bracelet to give it a unique look. Some of the choices include; color, design, size, text, symbols and even glow in the dark options. Additionally, most manufacturers will accommodate custom logos and custom colors. All of these options will help make the rubber bracelet more unique to fit your organizations goals.

These three important reasons are why so many charities have turned to the rubber bracelets to help promote their cause. Surely, the charity that started using pink rubber bracelets to promote breast cancer awareness had considered all three of the reasons mentioned above. Think about how popular those pink bracelets have become and how useful they have been in helping that charity’s cause. I think you can see the benefits in using colored rubber bracelets for your next charity event or campaign.