5 Reasons Why Silicone Rubber Wristbands Should Be Used in Marketing Your Brand

More and more companies have realized the potential that silicone rubber wristbands have on their marketing campaigns. You can now see wristbands with logos of different companies, sports teams, charities and TV shows everywhere you go. If your company is a bit behind on this marketing craze, here are a few reasons why you should give it a try.


Reason #1: People Make Great Marketing Catalysts

The first reason why silicone rubber wristbands make great marketing catalysts is because they are extremely visible. Give your wristband a neon color or large fonts and chances are, it will get noticed easily. They’re more likely to get noticed by people while you’re waiting in line at the grocery store or seated in the bus. They’re eye-catching, especially if they have a great design, so brand retention is very high.


Reason #2: Free Advertising

Another reason is that it makes for great free advertising. Companies shell out hundreds upon hundreds of dollars for marketing ads, and they don’t realize that people are great catalysts for marketing. They’re free and they aren’t stationary. When you have a lot of people wearing your brand on their wrist, you get free “mobile” advertising. During the day, while doing their daily activities, people will spread word about your brand without them realizing it.


Reason #3: Advertising Has Never Been This Fashionable

The third reason why silicone rubber wristbands make good marketing tools is because they are extremely fashionable. Remember the Livestrong wristbands that were used to create awareness for cancer? It has not only spread news about the cause, it has also become a fashion statement on its own. When making your company’s wristbands, make sure to be creative and innovative. This way, people not only wear your wristbands because they support your company, but they enjoy wearing them as well. Imagine if your wristbands became the next fashion statement. It would do wonders for your company’s popularity and profit for sure!


Reason #4: Wristbands Are Budget-Friendly

The fourth reason is that wristbands are excellent low-cost marketing option. Making personalized items with your brand name on it can be very expensive and in fact, most companies devote a portion of their budget for promotional items like shirts, mugs, paper fans, and others. Out of all the items used by companies for promotions, wristbands are perhaps the most budget-friendly. They’re affordable, easy to manufacture and if they’re of good quality, they can last for a very long time.


Reason #5: They Can Reach a Wider Audience

The last reason is that wristbands can cross demographics. The problem with some promotional items is that they target specific people. Mugs tend to cater more to adults, while shirts may not be the favorite of more fashionable crowds. However, wristbands are loved no matter what the gender, race or age of the person is. They are deemed likeable by both men and women, young and old. Children love colorful wristbands, sporty people love them for their athletic feel and people in general like that it can complement and match their getup.


So the next time your company is looking for the next marketing gig to increase brand visibility and gain potential sales, you’ll never regret going for quality with fashionable silicone rubber wristbands.