Espousing a Good Cause with Custom Rubber Wristbands

Custom rubber wristbands are more than just simple yet effective fashion accessories. Because of their distinctive looks and prominently visible location, they are also simple yet effective promotional paraphernalia as well. And nothing deserves an effective promotional tool than a good cause.

The Anti-Bullying Campaign

Bullying has become the topic of many in-depth news articles and TV programs recently, and it is unfortunate that school shootings have had to occur before the world became aware of the growing problem. Now, many people have begun wearing anti-bullying wristbands in an effort to raise greater awareness of the bullying epidemic and to decrease the number of bullying incidents.

Bullying was once regarded as a minor (and for some, even natural) problem, but the Internet has made it much more difficult for people to simply dismiss the problem. Blogs and online journals are talking about the subject, and some traumatized victims have reportedly reacted in various tragic ways. Some have taken their own lives, while others have lashed back in deadly ways. By wearing custom rubber wristbands to raise awareness, perhaps such problems may be decreased in some ways.

The Fight against Genocide

It has been more than half a century since the horror of the Holocaust, and the years may have led some people to believe that genocide is a problem of the past. But the truth is far from it: even now, millions have perished due to genocidal practices in Congo and Sudan. And tens of thousands continue to die each month.

By wearing custom rubber wristbands that promote awareness of modern genocide, you can make more people aware of the problem and perhaps increase the level of donations received by charitable organizations dedicated to helping with the problem. The money received in donations can be used to establish rape and crisis centers for vulnerable women in the region, and to help provide livestock and animal husbandry training for the people to help them make better lives for themselves.

How Rubber Wristbands Help

Sometimes, the problem with social injustices and inequities is that some people forget that there’s a problem—it’s a case of out of sight, out of mind. By wearing rubber wristbands that bear the name of the cause you are espousing, it may remind people of a problem that they may have forgotten. For example, people may have heard about AIDS for so many years now that they may no longer feel the need to contribute to the medical research efforts.

Sometimes, people may not even be aware that’s there a problem at all. For example, most people have gotten so used to women’s rights in the US that they can’t quite believe that many women all over the world are being treated as slaves in a thriving underworld criminal conspiracy. By wearing custom rubber wristbands, you can call attention to something that should rightfully cause outrage in everyone. Even if there’s only a single person who is intrigued enough to find out more about your cause and to contribute, then the wristband has certainly served its purpose.