How Personalized Rubber Wristbands Can Save Your Life

Personalized rubber wristbands have long been used by many people as a fashion accessory, and in this role, it has been quite a success. But it didn’t take long for people to realize that because rubber wristbands tend to attract the attention of other people, it can be used for a number of reasons other than just being merely decorative. It can be used to carry brief messages in order to call attention to a worthy cause, from various social injustices to serious medical conditions. In addition, personalized rubber wristbands may also save your life (or the life of a loved one). This can be done by using these rubber bracelets to carry important medical information.

What Kind Of Information Should Your Rubber Wristband Contain?

A rubber wristband is quite small, and there’s not much space for you to write an entire booklet about your current medical status. Nevertheless, the space is sufficient to contain vital information.

The most important info that a rubber wristband should contain must include your complete name as well as an emergency contact number of a person who is familiar with your particular medical situation. These pieces of information can help emergency personnel know more about you right away.

Your Medical Condition

After the name and contact number, there should still be enough space to include further information about your medical situation. For example, if you have any drug or food allergies, that info should be placed on the rubber wristband to prevent any accidents. People who have an implanted device such as an AICD or a pacemaker should also wear personalized rubber wristbands containing this information.

Of course, if you have any serious medical condition, that information should also be written on the rubber bracelet. Medical emergency personnel should be made aware right away if you have Alzheimer’s, hemophilia, diabetes, or adrenal insufficiency. People with lymphedema, epilepsy, and asthma should also wear rubber bracelets with their illness written on them.

Advantages of Wearing Medical Alert Wristbands

The main advantage of wearing a rubber wristband with medical information is that it can speak for you and inform emergency personnel even if you cannot. You may be unconscious or a medical condition may prevent you from being able to talk.

Medical personnel may also be able to properly prioritize the more important treatments for your situation. For example, if you are a diabetic and you have passed out or were involved in an accident, the rubber wristband that says you’re a diabetic can enable medical personnel to treat the insulin reaction more quickly. A rubber wristband like this can also alert people that, if you passed out, it is likely caused by your condition and not because you are drunk.

Most medical personnel are trained to search for additional information about your medical condition in your home, your clothes, or your car. The advantage of the rubber wristband is that it is immediately visible, unlike medical cards in your wallet. Finally, personalized rubber wristbands are very inexpensive though the potential health benefits can be tremendous.