Marketing Ideas for Custom Rubber Wristbands

Custom rubber wristbands may not be the most practical choice for a promotional item, but they can definitely be the most effective – depending on various factors.

Target Market

Rubber wristbands are sure to fit the following types of customers:

  • Athletes
  • Individuals with passion for sports or outdoor activities
  • Teenagers
  • Children

It’s possible that you may have another customer profile in mind for your wristbands. There’s no saying that your target customer won’t like your choice for giveaways but only for as long as you consider your customer’s typical lifestyle. A glamorous beauty queen will unlikely have a need or desire to frequently wear wristbands unless she is explicitly asked to do so when attending a fundraising event or acting as an endorser for another outdoor charity event.


If you cannot see wristbands as the ideal type of accessory of your target customer, you can still get them to use your promotional item by giving them a reason to do so. If you are planning a marketing event to launch a product or celebrate some kind of milestone, you can use that event for giving away your custom rubber wristbands. Just be sure that your wristbands play an important role in your event so that they won’t get discarded.

  • Wristbands can serve as proof of “admission” especially in paid or by-invitation events
  • Wristbands can serve as identification especially if they are customized with the person’s name
  • Wristbands can help distinguish members of varying teams with the use of color coding
  • Wristbands can be used as a symbol of the principles, values, or causes that your company is supporting.

Design and Quality

Now that you know how best to maximize the marketing advantages those wristbands can bring, the next thing you can concentrate on are the quality and design. You need to make sure that your wristbands are something your customers won’t mind being seen wearing. Otherwise, your money’s just going down the drain.

  • Rubber – They come in varying grades in case you didn’t know. While it’s okay not to use the most expensive rubber for your wristbands, you must make sure that you at least choose something, which is completely healthy and safe to use.
  • Design – There’s a quick rule to remember when designing rubber wristbands. If you do not have an excellent idea for a design, then you should not use any kind of design at all. You can stick with a basic solid-colored wristband.
  • Sizes – This is important because you do not want your customers to feel bad about themselves, which would likely be the case if your wristbands end up too small or too large for their wrists. If there are going to be kids attending the event then you better prepare wristbands that would fit them, too.

Quality – You need to consider not just the quality of the materials you are using but you should also consider the quality of your design as well. You need to make sure it perfectly represents your brand and would not end up confusing your market about what your company stands for.