New Trends in Business Advertising: Using Rubber Wristbands

Newsflash: Businesses are now using rubber wristbands as a way to increase brand awareness or to promote certain products, much in the same way that they have used T-shirts, pens, lighters, key chains, and other promotional items. This seems inevitable, as the current wristband trend gained greater popularity when they were used to create increased awareness of certain medical or social issues. If it can make more people aware of breast cancer, then it can certainly enable more people to recall business and commercial products.

Why Wristbands Are Better Than T-shirts

Though T-shirts have proven to be an effective tool to promote your business, in some ways wristbands are even better:

  • First and probably most important of all, a good quality wristband costs less than a T-shirt. Shipping a number of T-shirts is also more expensive than shipping the same number of wristbands. If you are giving out a free item with every purchase as a goodwill gesture or as an incentive for people to buy, then you can do this just as effectively with a promotional wristband. Getting the same result with a method that requires less financial expenditures seems like a very good idea, wouldn’t you agree?
  • When you give out a shirt, people can only use them infrequently. You can’t expect people to wear the same T-shirt day in and day out. Aside from the sanitation issue, most people don’t like to look the same every day. With wristbands, however, that won’t have to be a problem at all. A wristband is designed to be worn at all times because it is quite unobtrusive, and people can wear them every day with different kinds of outfits. Because of this, the promotion of your business can be a 24/7 process with just a single wristband.
  • T-shirts may no longer fit a person after a certain amount of time. A T-shirt wearer may become thinner or heavier as time passes, and then the T-shirt would be in the wrong size. Wrists, on the other hand, are not prone to sudden changes in size, which means you can expect your wristband to fit nicely for an indefinite time.
  • Wristbands are also more durable. The silicone in the rubber wristband is very elastic and doesn’t snap into pieces; it can resist the heat, and it is very durable. T-shirts, on the other hand, are inherently more prone to damage. Even if you don’t ruin a T-shirt through improper ironing or laundering, it will still lose its quality over time.

Wristbands Are Also Better Than Other Small Promotional Items

There is one thing that most small promotional items (such as key chains, pens, and disposable lighters) have in common. All of these items are designed to be put away when they are not in use. They are returned to their cases or in the person’s pocket, which means that your company name and logo are not going to be displayed often.

Wristbands, on the other hand, are always in use, and they are generally displayed for others to see. They are in use all the time as a fashion accessory, which means they give your brand more exposure. With promotional rubber wristbands, you as a business will fulfill your marketing objective better.