Rubber Wristbands – 6 Reasons Why They are Used

In the last two years, men and women all over the globe have begun to wear rubber wristbands. These types of bands are meant to be worn on the wrists and are made of a solid rubber loop which can easily be stretched. You can slide it conveniently over your hand to wear on the wrist. These kinds of bands are waterproof, sturdy and long-lasting. Many individuals keep wearing these on their wrist at any time of the day. These are available in almost any type of color that can be imagined, whether blue, green, black or yellow. There are even translucent bands. There are 6 main reasons why these are worn.

To show support to a cause

These types of bands give you a low-cost way to show your support to a cause or make others aware about a health condition or a social problem. Many people wear these to gather money for a special cause. Red bands are worn to symbolize the Red Cross or Tsunami Aid. Pink bands are used to symbolize breast cancer. Bands in camouflage or green color are used to display support to US troops.

For charity purposes

Many specific colors are used to show support to charitable causes. Yellow bands are possibly the most famous, as they began to be used by cancer survivor and champion bicyclist Lance Armstrong to raise funds and make people aware of his own cancer foundation. He designed these first in the early months of 2004. These days, similar types of bands have originated in different colors to make people aware of various charitable purposes and make them interested about contributing funds for the same.

As fashion accessories

Many people wear these as excellent fashion accessories, and they look great – especially when customized well. Young and old people like to sport these kinds of bands as a form of style statement. These are available in a range of vibrant colors and varied kinds of fonts, which can turn the heads of other people. Wristbands that are screen printed have a low cost and tend to last for a long time.

For sports activities

You can also find a lot of teens wearing these while participating in sports activities, such as basketball. Members of many basketball teams wear blue colored ones, while red and green ones are also quite common. Yellow colored wristbands are also very popular, and help differentiate one team from the other.

For promotional purposes

These days, you can also find wristbands of rubber being used to promote different kinds of services and products for business purposes. Various companies customize such bands for promotional purposes in order to fit any logo or slogan. These are ideal to convey business messages to potential customers.

To announce upcoming events

One can also find various kinds of wristbands being used for announcing upcoming functions and events. You may have seen these being worn by people for fundraising events, festivals and fairs, sporting events to announce an upcoming charitable event, ad campaign or launch event of a new product or organization.