Special Uses of Printed Rubber Wristbands

Before the advent of personalized rubber wristbands, people used to wear wristbands mostly for their fashion value. The old ones looked nice and interesting, and they could be made to match a wide range of outfits due to their unobtrusive design.

With modern wristbands, however, functionality has come to the forefront. Some people may still wear a wristband as a fashion accessory although for many others, the ability of a wristband to broadcast a subtle message has made it a very useful tool. Rubber wristbands can be used in:

  • Increasing social awareness. For the longest time, charity organizations and other non-profit foundations used ribbons to make people aware of certain medical conditions. Ribbons were worn on suits and shirts to remind others about AIDS or cancer, for example. The use of this method became more popular when celebrities were seen wearing them in much-publicized events.

However, celebrities and other people soon shifted to the use of rubber wristbands. There are many possible reasons for this. For one, some may have found the color too limiting, and a wristband can be printed on to make the message clearer. Others may have also preferred the less deliberate way a wristband may send its message, as a ribbon on the chest seems too straightforward for some people. It may also be a matter of convenience—the act of attaching and detaching a ribbon for every outfit, day in and day out, may have proven too bothersome.

  • Promoting business interests. Business people, especially marketing people, are invariable jumpers of bandwagons, and the current wristband trend is simply seen as another way to promote a business. However, its effectiveness is persuading a lot more businesses to adopt its use. It is also no longer just a simple trend; it has been years since they first appeared and all signs point to its continued popularity for many years to come. Essentially, rubber wristbands are here to stay, and that spells good news for marketing personnel who are always on the lookout for cost-effective marketing strategies.
  • Reunion IDs and souvenirs. Because of the popularity of wristbands, they are now gaining popularity in many kinds of social functions. A wristband is a more stylish way to identify a person in a school or family reunion, compared to the traditional name tag. And unlike name tags which are distend for the trashcan after the event, rubber wristbands are too nice to simply throw away—people choose to keep them for their own use, and as a commemorative souvenir of the event.

Of course, there are other utilitarian ways you can wear a printed wristband. You can have your name and blood type inscribed, so that emergency health care providers may be informed in case you get into an accident that leaves you unconscious. You can even put in your allergies, or whether you are an organ donor.

Parents can also have their little children wear wristbands, in case they get lost. You can have your contact information printed onto the wristband so that other people would know how to contact you in case you and your child get separated.

In the end, the wristband is a nice-looking message board. By wearing a personalized rubber wristband, you can say whatever you want, and you can get your message across in a subtle, graceful, and fashionable manner.