The Many Uses and Features of Rubber Wristbands

These days, rubber wristbands are getting more and more popular, particularly with the younger generation. Apart from being stylish fashion accessories, these bands are used for advertising, supporting a cause, getting a message out, and a lot of other purposes. Cause-oriented groups, charitable organizations, and businesses can achieve their campaign goals in no time by purchasing and distributing promotional wristbands.


User-friendly Qualities

Rubber bracelets are generally manufactured out of pure silicone material that makes the product durable, flexible and water-resistant. They can be customized so they can come in a wide variation of styles, shapes, colors and designs. Wristband designs can grab a lot of attention and can create a strong impact on anyone who sees them. Popular designs currently include embossed, debossed, swirl, segmented, color-filled, and even glow in the dark.

One other reason why rubber wristbands are so popular are their user-friendly qualities. They are easy to wear, non-allergenic, and environmentally friendly. Users can have witty or thoughtful messages engraved or embossed on them. All in all, they make eye-catching, stylish yet very affordable fashion items.


Spread the Message

The fascination for silicone rubber bracelets was triggered by the Lance Armstrong Foundation. The foundation sold the first rubber wristbands embossed with the words “Live Strong” for a dollar each to help raise funds for cancer research. The word spread about these chic rubber bracelets until the world caught on and that’s how the fashion craze got started.

Today, silicone bracelets are being worn by students, housewives, politicians, athletes, and even celebrities. They can be printed on and converted into awareness bracelets to promote different causes all over the country, pretty much like the one started by the Lance Armstrong Foundation “Live Strong” campaign.

Silicone bracelets can express various messages such as friendship, sports, patriotism, and advertisement as well. They can carry a friendly message like “I miss you” or a silly one like “I’m with idiot”. “I Love My Country” is an example of a patriotic message. Promotional bands and bracelets are affordable and cost-efficient ways of promoting a team, product brand, service, or idea.


Uses of Silicone Bracelets

Customized rubber wristbands are not only useful as awareness bracelets, they can be ideal for fundraising purposes as well. Charities, cause-oriented groups, and schools can sell them to raise funds for causes or projects and boost group morale. Religious organizations can use these items as fundraisers to raise money to support missions and various charities.

These bracelets can also be included in press kits or handed out at trade shows as corporate promotional giveaway. These wristbands are a smart advertising approach that can rapidly spread the message like wildfire. Businesses can emboss their company logo or brand name on the silicone bracelets and give them away customers. Wherever these people go, these bracelets will serve as a reminder where they received the product from.

Silicone rubber wristbands are light and very inexpensive accessories that can carry messages that will long be remembered. You can order these inexpensive rubber bracelets, engrave the message, and distribute them to people to get your brand constantly within consumers’ view.