Those rubber wristbands are still selling.

Don’t believe it is too late to take advantage of the colored rubber wristbands concept for promoting an issue. Since the 2004 debut of the LIVESTRONG campaign started by the Lance Armstrong Foundation those yellow wristbands are selling extremely well. By 2005, 55 million wristbands have been sold, which is just a phenomenal achievement. Fortunately, the foundation did not patent or copyright this awareness wristband concept which I understand was a conscious decision, allowing other organizations and groups to utilize the same idea to promote their own causes.

Today, we can see various colors used to symbolize support for many other charities and causes. You will see pink rubber wristbands to promote awareness about breast cancer. Red wristbands have been used for D.A.R.E., HIV, and heart disease issues. White bracelets are being used to advance Peace on Earth and Right to Life ideology, as well as a few other issues. Nearly every color of the rainbow has now been adopted to symbolize and represent the numerous organizations and ideologies that are being advanced to the world. It is not uncommon to have multiple groups using the same colors, because the messages embossed on them will be the distinguishing factor that will set them apart from the others.

Using colored rubber wristbands to advance or sell an idea or product is still a very viable method to promote your ideology, charity, or product. As inexpensive as these wristbands are, it would be in your organizations best interest to consider them for your promotional needs.