Top 4 Ways to Customize Rubber Wristbands

Rubber wristbands have become somewhat of a fashion statement in the past few years. You see them in shops everywhere engraved with everything from sports to peace, love and happiness. You can find pretty much anything printed on these bracelets. It’s really no wonder wristbands are a big hit. These bracelets are a great way to express yourself without breaking your wallet. Whenever I come across them, the top three kinds I seem to find are general words of expression, something sports related, or promoting a business or event of some sort.

1. Self-Expression

These types of wristbands are typically cute and brightly colored. Generally, you see words like “peace”, “love”, and “happiness.” You can also find some that are just colored differently, like rainbows and tie-dye with smiley faces. Whatever you’re into, you can find it or create it. There’s something out there for everyone. And don’t worry if you can’t find one that describes you perfectly! There are websites where you can create your own.

2. Sports

This is a great way to show support to your favorite team or sports in general. A great example would be the “LiveStrong” bracelets from Lance Armstrong. You can also find them for football, soccer, hockey, whatever sport you’re into. Once again, they come in a variety of colors, so you can get one that matches your team. If you’re on a sports team at your school or in your community, you can order these so that your fans can support you!

3. Promotions

Another idea I see with these is promotions. This can also go hand in hand with sports. Promote your upcoming high school basketball game with your school’s mascot engraved on a wristband. Got a big event coming up? Whether you’re the one hosting or attending, these are a great way to get your event out there. Need funds to help the needy? These are also a great way to raise money for your fundraiser. Want to get people excited for the upcoming music festival? Hand these out! Whatever your needs, you can promote them using these wristbands.

4. Safety

One last great way to customize wristbands is for safety. Let’s say you’re at a restaurant and you see someone faint. Luckily, they have their doctor’s number on one of these wristbands so they can get the medical attention they need right away. Or you’re at the mall with your child when you notice that they have wandered off. Your child will have your number right on their wrist so they can get hold of you when they find a store employee or a security guard to help them.

Whether you use these to keep your family safe or to support your favorite sports team, you can’t go wrong with rubber wristbands. And with the multiple websites you can customize and order them from, the possibilities are endless all while leaving your piggy bank full. So go ahead. Make a fashion statement- your fashion statement.