Using Colored Rubber Wristbands for Ticketed Events

Colored rubber wristbands can play a vital role in any ticketed event that you are organizing for your company. These popular wristbands can serve as a replacement for tickets and that alone can already offer several advantages.

  • Many companies do not require minimum volume for orders
  • Rubber wristbands may be reusable by requesting customers or attendees to return their wristbands upon leaving the venue
  • Expenses may be minimized as you do not have to order for a new batch of tickets every event

If you do intend to utilize rubber wristbands as reusable tickets then you need to make preparations in advance for keeping them 100% hygienic no matter how many times they have been used.

Rubber wristbands also help you stay organized in several ways. Different colored rubber bands can be used to represent different groups of individuals, such as in the following:

  • Different colors may be assigned to represent different levels of attendees, e.g. those in VIP sections and those with tickets to the general admission section
  • Different colors may be used to represent different types of teams, e.g. security personnel, props and sound effects, and performers
  • Different colors may also be used to represent which event dates or schedules a person has gained admission to

Another clear advantage of using rubber wristbands as tickets is that they are easier to verify. Visual checks are quicker to perform as there is little to read for confirmation. The color of your wristband and perhaps a few letters or words printed on it will only take seconds to check, and with that you will know which ones may gain admission to your event or not.

Now that you are aware of how essential wristbands can be for marketing, you should also consider the tips below before submitting your order and proceeding with its production.

  • Take into account the time of your event. Dark-colored wristbands are best used for daytime events while light-colored wristbands will be easier to see at night and as such are better for events taking place in the evening.
  • Make sure you have a rough estimate of the number of people likely to attend your event. You can probably increase this figure by 5 to 10% to accommodate unexpected increases in attendance as well as for any lost or damaged wristbands that may have to be replaced.
  • Consider the nature of your event. If you require people to wear your wristband even when they are participating in, say, an underwater event then you should make sure that the print or design which comes with your wristband is of high quality and will not be easily washed away.
  • Think of the message you want to go with your wristband. Tickets can also be a part of your marketing campaign and as such, you should not let this opportunity go to waste. Just remember that there is a limit to how much you can “write” on your wristband. You can have probably a short sentence at most and no more than that.

With these tips, you will hopefully have an easier time designing your colored rubber wristbands!