Using Rubber Wristbands to Spread Awareness

Rubber wristbands were never the same after they were used by the Lance Armstrong Foundation to raise funds for cancer research. Following this momentous event was the evolution of these wristbands from promotional material to budding fashion accessories. Not long after that, wristbands were commercialized as a complementing element to daily clothing. Though certain trends only affect a particular sector in society, this innovation spread like wildfire in involving all kinds of people regardless of age—making it an effective marketing and promotional tool.

As the use of rubber wristbands progressed, companies took a step forward in using them as advertising materials for their products and services. Because certain facets of society are sporting identical wristbands, the public, in turn, becomes curious about what these different bands symbolize. Getting their attention is the first step in making them aware of the stories behind each, individually unique bracelet.

Make them readable

Because of the inherently slim width that most standard-sized wristbands come in, it will be hard to read what is written on them. Here are some points that are directed toward maximizing the use of these bracelets:

  • Choose bright and neon colors. Before something can attract someone’s attention, it should be able to stand out in the busy crowd. Instead of focusing on neutral and dark colors, use bright and neon shades to create a visual disturbance in the viewer’s line of sight.
  • Use big, bold letters. Wristbands are essentially thin in nature, which makes whatever’s inscribed on them barely comprehensible. Heed no mind to their size and choose to have the words to be inscribed on them printed in big, bold letters.
  • Select contrasting colors. If the rubber wristbands are in neon yellow, choose a color for the text or logo that is in high contrast to the base shade. Prefer dark colored texts for lighter tinted bracelets and vice versa.

Make them wearable

When faced with the decision to give out this kind of bracelets for promotional reasons, do it on occasions where people will be encouraged to wear them instantly. Use these bracelets as substitutes for tickets and passes to a certain activity. When this system is followed, recipients will be obliged to keep and wear their bracelets during the entire duration of the event. Create a scheme where differently colored rubber wristbands are indicators of a person’s degree of participation to a gathering, like sponsors, guests and organizers are using the red, white, and blue colors respectively.

Make them available

Because a lot of companies and movements are employing this strategy, its impact gets lesser and lesser. No longer are people drawn to find out what each unique band represents. In order to fill the gap, have a mass distribution of bands wherein large numbers of people can get one. Sponsor a big event and include bracelets with the company name or slogan as one of the giveaways. Associate the customized rubber wristbands to a meaningful event in order to give them more value.