What Makes Customized Rubber Wristbands Ideal as a Promotional Medium?

In recent years, customized rubber wristbands have become a cost-efficient medium to express support to various causes, charities, political movements and other events. Because of their strong prominence, rubber bracelets are also considered effective promotional items for businesses, fundraisers and other groups.


Customized rubber bracelets first came into the limelight nearly a decade ago when world-famous cyclist Lance Armstrong promoted the yellow “Live Strong” silicone bracelet to raise funds and focus people’s awareness on cancer research. The fascination for rubber bracelets caught on and soon, other causes and business companies have adopted the model to get their message across, whether for non-profit or commercial reasons.


How Customized Rubber Bracelets are Used


A growing number of business owners have discovered that customized rubber wristbands are an inexpensive and cost-efficient way to advertise, and is becoming a medium of choice for getting their message out to people. Many establishments are perceiving the benefits of using silicone bracelets as an alternative to viral marketing and word-of-mouth advertising.


Customized bracelets are used primarily as a promotional medium for fundraising events, business promotion, raising brand awareness, and trade fairs. Like the key chain that has become a fad, silicone rubber bracelets are a cost-effective way to advertise products or services.


There have been a continually growing number of big and small organizations who have turned to using customized rubber wristbands to get their message out quickly to a huge number of people. These stylish items are just right for establishments that want to grab some attention for their supported cause or ad campaign. These include businesses, schools, charity fundraisers and non-profit organizations.


Promotional Medium of Choice


Customized wristbands are the preferred promotional medium because they are inexpensive to manufacture and distribute and can be sold for a low price but with a high per-unit profit. This makes rubber bracelets an ideal promotional tool for people and organizations that operate on a tight budget like schools and religious organizations.


As a promotional tool for a worthy cause, silicone bracelets deliver a clear and visible message. When a disastrous earthquake hit Haiti, a school district in Ohio raised about $5,000 as relief effort for the devastated country. By producing a simple bracelet with the message “Help Haiti Heal” engraved on it, the school was able to sell thousands to people who wanted to help out. As soon as the first batch of silicone rubber bracelets started to run out, other supporters called and ordered additional supplies.


Ways to Get the Message Out


There are two ways that customized rubber wristbands get a promotional statement out. First is the color that invokes a statement about particular causes. Next is the actual message of support which can be silk-screened, engraved, or embossed onto the bracelet.


With so many affordable wristbands available today in a wide range of colors and design, the only sure way to be certain what the rubber bracelet stands for is to ask the wearer. It will provide them the opportunity and pleasure to discuss their cause or purpose.


Whether it’s a non-profit cause you are supporting, or an advertising campaign for your business, it would be a smart move to consider customized rubber wristbands to deliver your message.