Why You Must Add Colored Rubber Wristbands to Your Accessories

The colored rubber wristbands that are worn by almost everyone today got a boost in popularity in 2004 when the Lance Armstrong Foundation sold bright yellow “Live Strong” bracelets for $1 a piece to raise funds for cancer awareness and research. The silicone bracelets instantly became a hit. By early 2005, over 32 million of these accessories were sold.


Color Variations

Imagination has created a lot of wonderful variations of the bracelet. Today, they are available in different color designs such as single colored, multicolored, marbled, camouflage, striped, glitter, and even glow-in-the-dark.


  • Single colored silicone rubber bracelets, as the name suggests, are the most basic and arguably the best-selling item.



  • Marbled silicone bracelets are made by blending two or more colors together to come up with a marbled design.


  • Camouflage bracelets are composed of three or more colors to create an authentic camouflage design. These wristbands are very popular among the armed forces personnel, and are effective tools used successfully in recruitment campaigns.


  • Glow-in-the-dark bracelets are great for special occasions like concerts and camping trips.


Color Associations

Nowadays, colored rubber wristbands are not only associated with charitable causes, but they have also become stylish and chic among the younger generation. They add a dash of color to pale wrists and are just enjoyable to slip on at times. They are available in only two sizes, adult and children.

The idea regarding band color does not only correspond to the color of one’s wardrobe. Many people also identify the color of silicone bracelets to their own personality or mood. Just as a red bracelet implies passion, so do other bracelet colors possess their own distinctive meaning.


  • Red is the color of passion and romance. It is also an attention-getter and suggests prominence. Still, other people think that wearing something red can increase one’s tendency to overeat, and should not be worn by people with weight problem.


  • Yellow, orange and other bright colors can improve your mood, according to psychologists. A yellow band can bring about positive energy and release the happy feeling. Yellow is also associated to clear thinking and wisdom, so students can benefit from wearing yellow colored rubber wristbands in school.


  • Green, a color associated to nature, can produce on the wearer a calm and soothing sensation. As it is also refreshing, green rubber bracelets are also beneficial for people who are constantly under stress like sales people. They can also induce relaxation and reduce stress to the wearer.


Purchase Them Ready-Made or Customize Your Own

There are plenty of different types of colored bracelets that you can purchase in stores as well as online. If you want to purchase a bracelet for each and every mood you have, there are a lot of colored rubber wristbands to choose from, or you can choose to customize your own.

As fund-raising items, colored wristbands are quite inexpensive to produce. These silicone rubber bracelets can deliver your desired message across and promote awareness and attention to the cause that you want to convey to others.