Cancer Awareness Bracelets

Many people suffer from diseases and cancers that currently do not have a cure. Many of us are unaware of the difficult circumstances these people must suffer everyday of their lives. Unfortunately, there isn’t enough funding donated to research programs to maintain the level of scientific study that needs to go into finding cures for these diseases. It is necessary to keep the public and the politicians aware of how strapped for cash these research projects are these days.

Cancer research projects need the help of the public to keep theses causes central in people’s minds especially the governments that tend to give funding to the noisiest special interest groups. Additionally, if we don’t have someone close to us that is affected by one of these dreadful diseases, it is easy to forget how others may be suffering. If we don’t have a personal connection to a disease we can continue on with our lives without giving it another thought, sad but true.

Fortunately, there are organizations that try to maintain public awareness of the needs of cancer research projects. These organizations use many different methods to get the word out to the public and government officials. A few which you may be aware are television commercials, print ads, celebrity endorsements, public rallies, and fundraising campaigns and events.

One popular method used is cancer awareness bracelets. The bracelets are used as reminders of the need to support funding and research for various research projects. They also act as a reminder for people to donate some of their time and money to the cause.

Cancer awareness bracelets come in many colors and support various cancer treatments and research. I’m sure you can recall seeing someone wearing those pink rubber breast cancer bracelets. The breast cancer awareness bracelets were made of silicone rubber and had “Hope Faith Love” printed or embossed on the bracelet.

Another well known use of the cancer awareness bracelet was the yellow “Live Strong” bracelet popularized by Lance Armstrong. In fact, he is considered the originator of the silicone rubber awareness bracelets trend.

The cancer awareness bracelets not only keep awareness alive but are also used to raise money to support the cause. The silicone rubber bracelets are inexpensive to manufacture and give cancer organizations a reasonable profit margin to make money off of each bracelet they sell.

Whether your organization sells the bracelets or gives them away, more people could be wearing them and keeping their thoughts, hopes, prayers, and support alive for those that truly need it.