Customize the Way You Create Awareness with the Custom Silicone Bracelet

A custom silicone bracelet has taken the world by a storm. Such bracelets are found on the wrists of people of all age group. Such is the power of silent words that the world has stood up and taken notice of the new means of creating or raising awareness and even protesting an event.

Live Strong was the first organization to use the silicone bracelet to create awareness and raise funds for research on cancer. Soon other organizations followed suit, coming up with even more attractive slogans and logos embossed on the silicone bracelet. The custom silicone bracelet had arrived and is surely here to stay. The dirt-cheap price and its all-age usage factors have clearly worked in its favor.

Using the Silicone Rubber Bracelet

Quite interestingly, many hospitals are also using the bands. The patients who have an allergic reaction are being provided with different color band to help others identify the type of allergy, he or she has been diagnosed with. For example, pink bands are being issued for restricted, extreme allergy, green bracelets denote latex allergy and so on. The far reaching applications might never have struck you!

Charity groups use the custom silicone bracelet quite frequently with various color labels; pink is for breast cancer, black and white are for anti-racism and green for reforestation. They can be made into ideal birthday invitations as well, where all the children can wear the bracelet which has a customized birthday invitation or message embossed on it.  Fundraisers can find a safe and powerful alternative to paper leaflet usage. You can now be sure with the custom silicone bracelet that you’re not sacrificing more trees on pretext of making the earth greener!

Companies can buy custom silicone bracelets to be distributed amongst the audience during a football match or, a basketball game or, for that matter any other sporting event. Apart from being a sponsor, you can choose to be an effective advertiser as well. NGOs can promote the causes they are fighting for with suitable color bracelets.

These are just some ideas which one can have implemented. The real charity begins with getting a custom silicone bracelet for your cause – fight for it!

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