Customized Silicone Bracelets

Have you ever seen a customized silicone bracelet? It is a small plastic bracelet or wristband usually worn to send an important message or advertisement.  You might have seen sports silicone bracelets of famous sports apparel brand or saw people wearing these during political campaigns and rallies. Yes, all of these are customized and have messages that they want to send across.

Silicone bracelets for advertising may be bought in bulk and may be printed in different ways. Advertising or messages may be embossed on the bracelet of laser printed for a more realistic effect. They come in any color imaginable. Here are some ways silicone bracelets help advertise brands and important causes:

  • Awareness bracelets – these bracelets come in different colors depending on the cause they support. For example, pink bracelets are for breast cancer awareness while red ones are for AIDS awareness. Proceeds from these bracelets have funded disease research and cure. Famous faces in the media have been seen wearing these bracelets and have increased sales for these items as well.
  • Ad campaign bracelets – silicone bracelets have been used in ad campaigns for certain political causes like change in governance, more health care benefits, more public school funding, etc. These have known to work and were able to get the message across.
  • Political campaign bracelets – what better way to show you support a certain politician or a political party by wearing their own customized silicone bracelet. They may be printed with the political logo or the name of the politician. These are usually given out to campaign supporters during rallies and official campaign meetings.
  • Environmental awareness bracelets – These bracelets show you support environmental groups like Green Peace or Friends of Nature. They want a message to be sent across that the Earth needs our help in saving what is left of the environment. Proceeds also go to the organizations work and projects to clean up the environment and protect endangered species.
  • Brand bracelets – silicone bracelets also advertise brand names for sporting apparels, perfume and even gadgets. There are hundreds of bracelets given for free after purchase of these products for marketing purposes.
  • Sports team bracelets – these popular bracelets have team logo on them and may be engraved for a better effect. These are common for basketball teams and baseball teams. They also come in different colors to signify team color and motif.
  • Company logo bracelets – these bracelets are common company party souvenirs and they may have their company name and logo on the bracelet.
  • Group affiliation bracelets – these bracelets tell everyone that you are a part of a certain organization, fraternity, school group or community group. These bracelets may have the logo and the name of the group embossed or printed on the bracelet.
  • Party souvenirs bracelets – you may also have silicone bracelets as a giveaway for your party or get together. You can order them before hand in different colors to match your party motif and theme.

There are other ways  silicone bracelets may be used but nevertheless they have been proven effective in sending the message across.