Different Styles of Silicone Rubber Bracelets

In one episode of Oprah, renowned Tour de France competitor Lance Armstrong and his then-girlfriend Sheryl Crow were featured guests. Lance Armstrong related to everyone his long and difficult battle with testicular cancer and how he overcame it. He also talked about his involvement in Tour de France. At the end of the show, he and Oprah showed to the audience yellow silicone rubber bracelets that had the word LIVESTRONG debossed on them. Oprah encouraged her viewers to buy the custom silicone rubber bracelets to show their support in fighting testicular cancer. Each of the rubber silicone bracelets cost just a dollar.

Also called baller bands, these silicone wristbands are usually made from silicone rubber.  Silicone rubber is a type of polymer that contains silicon, carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen that is combined together to make a rubber-like material. Silicone rubber is able to retain its properties even if it is subjected to extreme environments and temperatures; it is a stable and non-reactive material. Because of its properties, silicone rubber is extremely versatile and is used in a lot of industries, tools and products. Including sportswear, footwear, electronics, medical devices, and of course, silicone bracelets.

Ever since Lance Armstrong came out with his LIVESTRONG bracelets, silicone rubber bracelets have grown in popularity and have been used to raise awareness of certain issues and to show support for different causes. Not only are they fashion accessories, but they are also symbols of your show of support for a cause. Silicone rubber bracelets that are used to show support for a cause come in different colors with each color representing the cause, including:

  • Yellow – testicular cancer
  • Purple – LGBT rights
  • Pink – breast cancer
  • Blue – colon cancer and child abuse

Silicone rubber bracelets are also used as a type of marketing strategy by some companies. These are usually distributed during expos and trade fairs. They can also be used by organizations to identify members.

The market for customized silicone rubber bracelets is highly competitive due to its popularity. There are a lot of manufacturers of these bracelets, each have different product offerings. If you are thinking of ordering your own rubber bracelets you can choose your style of lettering (how the message is included in the silicone), size of the bracelet, and color of the bracelet.

Style of Lettering

  • Debossed – the most popular style of lettering in rubber bracelets, these are similar to what the LIVESTRONG bracelets have. It refers to the design of the bracelet which are imprinted or recessed down into the bracelet itself. To do this, a custom mold is made incorporating the design you want. Debossed rubber bracelets can be in a single color, or it can be color-filled (the message has a different color than the rest of the bracelet).
  • Embossed – embossed rubber bracelets have raised letters instead of etched letters. These are also made with the use of a custom mold.
  • Printed – the message is printed on the surface of the blank bracelet with the use of screen-print.
  • Laser-engraved – the message is engraved on the surface of a blank bracelet with the use of a laser engraver


You can choose between a 1-inch bracelet and 3/4-inch wristband; or the standard adult 7.9 inches or the standard youth 7.1 inches.


You have a broad range of colors to choose from. You can have them in solid, swirl patterns, tie-dye patterns, or in vertical stripes.