Life in Rubber Bracelets

Silicone Rubber Bracelets allow one to become quite stylish and edgy and at the same time, make for a great way to support any cause that you will find worthy of anyone’s attention. Your loyalty to the cause that you support will basically be represented by the rubber bracelet that you would choose to wear, which means that with such an effort, you are not only representing your beliefs but you also have an opportunity to affect the way other people think.

Putting much value on silicone rubber bracelets might not make sense for some people, but the popularity of such makes for a more general cause than that of vanity and fashion. A rubber bracelet certainly proves to be seen mostly by a lot of people as a fashion accessory, but the representation of such stems from a more serious and idealistic view of awareness that raised the consciousness of a lot of people.

World-renowned cyclist Lance Armstrong gave popularity to the silicone rubber bracelets that people now see today. He used it to campaign for funding the research for cancer, after being diagnosed with testicular cancer himself. The LiveStrong bracelet campaign became so popular that more people have become aware on how serious the condition really is, and with every purchase of the bracelet, more money has gone to the funding of research towards the prevention and cure of cancer.

Other causes have adopted the use of these rubber bracelets, which has become quite prevalent. Yellow was the color that the LiveStrong bracelets used, and other causes sprung up to adopt their color to the use of such bracelets. HIV/AIDS research and awareness used the color Red, which stems from the red ribbon that is put up on the chest, while Breast Cancer support bracelets retained the pink color that was originally the ribbon color that the research and awareness campaign has started with.

The use of silicone rubber bracelets have gone to other things now, like fashion accessories that are printed out with various colors, campaigns, and markings. One should not forget though that these bracelets started out to represent noble causes, and while profit is easily gained through the cheap production of such bracelets, always remember that these rubber bracelets were born out of the sincerity of people to help save lives in this world, and to get everyone to know how to value life accordingly.