The Popular Silicone Rubber Bracelet

Silicone rubber bracelets are a popular accessory since the 1980s. It became more popular when it was used as an instrument to spread awareness of various issues such as the environment, health and many others. It is called awareness bracelets.

Popularity of Rubber Silicone Wristbands

Awareness bracelets was first introduced in 2004 when the LIVESTRONG yellow silicone rubber bracelets, founded by American cyclist Lance Armstrong, was used to spread awareness of cancer. Since then, it has become a symbol to represent different campaigns and charities. The money collected from selling it goes to the foundation or charity.

Some of the popular colors of silicone rubber band bracelets that represent causes are light pink for breast cancer awareness, white for Make History, red for AIDS and many others.


There were people who criticized the use of awareness bracelets. Others were wearing them without really understanding the real meaning of the campaign or the symbol being carried out by the bracelet.  The popularity of the silicone rubber bracelets have become fashion accessories among the youth.

Aside from awareness bracelets, music artist and fashion brands have put up their names on it to represent a certain lifestyle. In sports, some rubber bracelets are developed to improve the strength of athletes.

Popular brands

LIVESTRONG silicone rubber bracelets are one of the most popular brands. Amazon features a lot of online sellers who offer LIVESTRONG bracelets. However, there are also fraudulent versions of the bracelet so it is important for buyers to check if what they’re buying online is authentic.

Other popular rubber silicone bracelets that offer to improve balance, flexibility and strength is from Power Balance. The brand is known for their hologram bracelet, which claims to attract natural energy. Their bracelets are made from 100% surgical grade silicone. It is extremely durable and has a 40% stretch feature.

Power Balance wristbands have also been faked by others. When buying branded rubber wristbands, it’s advisable to buy from official outlets and shop to make sure customers are getting the original. When buying online, check for signs to know what an original Power Balance bracelet looks like. is a fancy retailer of fashionable silicone rubber bracelets. They claim to offer quality silicone wristbands and can customize designs. Their product comes in different colors. They also customize for music artists as part of their fan merchandise.


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