Popular Silicone Rubber Bracelets

There are many people nowadays who are seen wearing silicone rubber bracelets. You might think that they are just following a fad but think again. These bracelets have a certain message to send across or they may be advertising a product or a cause for a certain organization. Either way, these silicone rubber bracelets seem to catch everybody’s attention.

The popularity of silicone rubber bracelets have increased because of famous people who are seen wearing them. They may be famous actors, singers, pop artists, pro athletes, models and even politicians. Each bracelet is unique since each one is a symbol for something it represents. Let us look at how these silicone rubber bracelets gained popularity depending on their uses:

  • Disease awareness – some silicone rubber bracelets are used for disease awareness campaign funding. The money from selling these accessories help fund research programs, public education, search for cure and distribution of medical assistance. Organizations that help advocate research needs all the funding they need to find cure for these life threatening diseases. Diseases like AIDS, ADL, diabetes and breast cancer benefit from sale of these awareness bracelets year by year.
  • Brand awareness – silicone rubber bracelets are used for advertising brands for products like sporting apparel, accessories, shoes, sports equipment, jewelry, beauty and health products and even food. This is a great marketing strategy to keep products competitive in the market.
  • Environmental awareness – environmental organizations and agencies also make use of silicone rubber bracelets to send messages of saving our natural resources, global warming, saving endangered animal or plant species, etc. Proceeds of these bracelets are used for funding research, studies and conservation efforts.
  • Team sports awareness – silicone rubber bracelets also show fans devotion to certain sports teams. More common sports that use bracelets are basketball, football, baseball and motorsports. They may come free by purchasing team sports apparel in clothing shops or they may be given for free during games especially during championship matches.
  • Political awareness – political candidates use silicone rubber bracelets as campaign items during elections. They may have their name embossed on the bracelet or the team name. They usually have specific colors for their political party and the bracelets color have to match. People may show their favorite candidate by wearing these bracelets wherever they go.
  • Media awareness – Television channels and radio stations may advertise through silicone bracelets. These are usually given for free to people who patronize their station or channel and for marketing purposes too.
  • Company awareness – business companies may also advertise through silicone rubber bracelets; their logo and company name may be printed on the bracelet. These are usually given to employees to wear on company outings and parties.
  • Group awareness – to show you are a member of a school group or a social group you can wear silicone bracelets with your group name embossed on the bracelet. Fraternities use accessories to determine members and silicone bracelets may be used.

More and more people have realized the value of silicone rubber bracelets in advertising; that is why it is getting more popular by the minute.