Promotions and Campaigns with Silicone Rubber Bracelets

Since Lance Armstrong’s Live Strong campaign, silicone rubber bracelets have become popular. His promotion for the aid in Cancer research has been coursed through his famous wrist band. This has been the reason why these rubber bracelets are now also called awareness bracelets. They are commonly used these days to promote causes and advocacies.

Why silicone rubber bracelets?

Silicone is one of the more durable materials for bracelets and bands. Leather wears out and they are even more expensive. Besides, silicone is generally safe and gentle on the skin. It does not irritate the surface that it touches. Furthermore, it can maintain its original form for a longer period.

Another reason is they are affordable. They cost less than the other promotional tools that are commonly used for promotions. This is especially true when you purchase them in bulk. The best part here is that they can be customized. They may be imprinted with a personalized message or tagline. They have a variety of sizes that can fit anyone from children to adults, regardless of gender.

Lastly, these bracelets come in different styles and designs. This includes variation and styles such as glow-in-the-dark, scented, and zodiac bracelets. Additionally, they also come in many colors. For those unaware, the different colors of the silicone rubber bracelets carry different meanings.

Red rubber bracelets are famous for being used in HIV AIDS awareness and prevention of heart disease campaign. They can pertain to health and wellness and advocacy thereof.

Orange rubber bracelets are used for many advocacies like support to the Multiple Sclerosis campaign. Furthermore, they are also used to promote a smoke-free lifestyle and to support those afflicted with the Asperger Syndrome, lupus and self harm.

Yellow rubber bracelets on the other hand, generally support cancer research. This was the one used by Lance Armstrong in his LIVESTRONG campaign. The yellow color is also used to represent the support for the troops. The Livestrong Campaign has sold over twenty-eight million silicone rubber bracelets.

Green rubber bracelets are made to support ecological advocacies. The different messages that the green color conveys may be SAVE OUR EARTH, PEACE, and I WILL, the latter being a tagline for Muscular Dystrophy.

Other colors include the Blue Rubber Bracelets, the pink rubber bracelets, the multicolored ones, and the purple rubber bracelets.

The silicone rubber bracelets may be used for different purposes. They may be used for promoting businesses, events and activities. Also, they are suitable for fundraising and campaigning.

Because the silicone bracelets have become so popular, there are already many competing companies in the market that ensure that the prices stay at a level that make it so affordable for those placing orders. The competition now focuses on the fast delivery of services and the designs and styles that are available on the company’s catalogue.

And the last bit of advice, order silicone rubber bracelets online from only reliable companies. In obtaining the best deals, find the company which also offer free shipping and other perks. Other companies may offer additional services for additional fees.