Silicone Rubber Bracelets: What for?

You may think that not a lot of thought has been put to it. Or in some instances, you might think that its pure genius that something so simple can be such a great accessory for just about anyone. There’s just about a lot more to think about when you look at silicone rubber bracelets, yet only one statement will matter the most: silicone bracelets are for real. People have been using them and people have relied on them to be used as a great design feature. It’s all about how you wear and why you wear it. And with that in mind, here are a few things to look at when it comes to these custom rubber bracelets.

All the hoopla with regards to these bracelets would never have existed without the efforts of a certain charity cause that has made its case known through them. If you have heard of this, then you might be familiar with the Livestrong project. Spearheaded by Lance Armstrong’s self-named charity foundation, the Livestrong project was made to create a kind of awareness among the people. They see cancer as a big threat towards the lives of so many people in the world and they want everyone to be knowledgeable about what it does. In addition to that, Livestrong charity bracelets are being sold as a form of money-raising campaign, with all of the said amounts being used to help those who are in need of cancer treatment. These are mostly those who do not have the money to have the treatment themselves. As of today, more than a billion of these bracelets have been sold worldwide. Celebrities like Shaquille O’Neil, Jake Gyllenhaal and of course, Lance Armstrong himself have been wearing these bracelets and have shown their support for the Livestrong project.

If you ever want to have your fill of rubber bracelets, it needs to be pointed that you do not need to have a cause to get one. These bracelets are excellent to make money off and are easy to make. The accents and designs can be made from your own hands as painting them with whatever you prefer is quite easy.

It’s a great way to make a point with some of your friends. Whether you wear them for a cause or you just want something that works well with your outfit, these rubber bracelets are a great way to make yourself look good!