Oh no, these silicone rubber bracelets aren’t necessarily what you think them to be. Most people look at these silicone rubber bracelets as just another silly fashion accessory that makes the women and girls go crazy. But in reality, these …

Cancer Awareness Bracelets: Got Your Socially Responsible Silicone Rubber Bracelet Yet? Read more »

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Many people suffer from diseases and cancers that currently do not have a cure. Many of us are unaware of the difficult circumstances these people must suffer everyday of their lives. Unfortunately, there isn’t enough funding donated to research programs …

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For years we have been seeing the colored silicone rubber bracelets being worn by children and adults. The significance of the bracelets varies widely. Recently, the school kids used them as a sexual activity statement. Certain colors were associated with …

Charity Rubber Bracelets by Color Read more »

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A silicone bracelet or rubber bracelet can be used to gain public awareness to your movement or cause. A bracelet made of silicone is very durable and flexible enough to wear comfortably all day. These awareness bracelets are a very …

Silicone Bracelet to gain awareness Read more »

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If you are trying to attract more attention and awareness about your cause, event or organization, using custom awareness bracelets is a great way to achieve this goal. Whatever your purpose; Breast cancer awareness, school spirit promotion, music groups, and any event, these wristbands will help get your

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