Creating Awareness through Rubber Wristbands

Rubber wristbands have become a popular fashion statement. But is that all there is to them? Have you ever seen a young man or woman wearing a rubber wristband? Look closely. You will see that it is not merely a fashion statement. It is much more.

Who wears them and why?

These rubber wristbands provide a platform for the youth of the nation to showcase their beliefs. It is one way through which they can show what they believe. If you are part of the youth community, you know how important it is to youngsters to get their voices heard. It is not merely a fashion statement, such a wristband signifies much more.

Amidst the peer pressure, the wristband is a way of affirming their beliefs and values against all odds. But this is not the only reason for wearing these wristbands.

A lot of middle aged people are also wearing these wristbands now. Any guesses why? Well for the simple fact, that these wristbands not only affirm your individuality in the midst of homogenizing globalization, they also affirm your faith in the good old ideals of community and solidarity.

After all what better way to show your uniqueness but by wearing a wristband that speaks of human bonds and love? The reason is that many of these wristbands actually support some causes like awareness against suicide or AIDS. Silicone wristbands have also become quite popular in this respect. This is why these are also known as awareness wristbands.

Diseases and Causes

Cancer for instance, is one of the main causes which is supported by wearing rubber wristbands. For instance, Live Strong Foundation was one of the foremost pioneers in introducing the rubber wristband as a sort of awareness spreading jewelry. This was for a good cause. The endeavor was a big success and throughout the world people began wearing these wristbands to show their support for cancer patients.

In fact, cancer is one of those diseases which can be cured if detected early. Pink breast cancer wristbands have therefore been worn by women of all ages who wanted to create a difference. Breast cancer survivors and even those whose relatives suffered from this cancer, sported pink wristbands to spread awareness about this disease.


The wristband culture has also been used as a means of parodying corporate mass culture. A lot of the multinational corporations have tried to use wristbands to sell their own products. However in protest of these, newer versions of wristbands have come out that parody this very corporate materialistic trend. Rubber wristbands therefore are the perfect means to create awareness.