Rubber Wristbands: Many Uses

Rubber wristbands are seen often on the wrists of young children, teenagers and some young adults as well. Rubber wristbands are enjoyed by the youth for its unique designs, colors, inexpensive prices, and because there are other meanings attached to the wristbands. Different color and texts on the wristband, will most often symbolize various social and medical issues of the day.

Rubber wristbands can be ordered at many websites on the internet. You can specify the color and message you want on the wristband to display, and most online stores will offer other types of free customizations including color blends, symbols, and embossed or debossed text. It is quite easy to order custom rubber wristbands online and have them delivered straight to your home or office.

Usually rubber wristbands which carry some sort of awareness message or symbol will be used by charities as a fundraising tool. These are also known as awareness wristbands, designed to promote world consciousness of a particular cause. In other cases, custom rubber wristbands are used by large corporations and businesses as a type of inexpensive promotional tool for building up branding.

Some other uses for custom rubber wristbands include creating awareness and interest for sports events, band promotions, special event ticketing, party favors, and numerous other applications.

However, most young people who wear custom silicone rubber wristbands do so to make a style statement through a cool new accessory and sometimes to showcase their support for a cause or belief.

Debossed Rubber Wristbands

In these types of silicone rubber wristbands, there is a mold that can be customized, and the mold is designed to your specifications. During the molding process your symbol or text will inset into the rubber wristbands allowing the text to stand out more. After being debossed, another option for the wristband is to color the text in a contrasting color to allow the message to stand out more..

Of all the different styles of custom rubber wristbands, the most commonly seen are the debossed rubber wristbands. If you place bulk orders for these wristbands, you can get them at steeply discounted rates. But when you are placing a smaller order, these types of custom rubber wristbands can become slightly more expensive because of the customized mold that must be created. But the wristbands will usually end up costing between about fifty cents to 2 or 3 dollars each.

It doesn’t matter what kind of custom rubber wristbands you are choosing. The nearly infinite variety of designs, color variety, and message displayed, are the common reasons why the youth are wearing the rubber wristbands the way they do.

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