Why Rubber Wristbands are Versatile Accessories

Trendy and versatile for a plethora of purposes, rubber wristbands are today’s trendy fashion pieces for teens and adults alike. Created with 100% silicone, these wristbands are today’s preferred tool for showing support, promoting a business, spreading an idea, or even just for accessorizing. Whatever made these bracelets so popular? Apart from their striking colors that catch attention, rubber wristbands have been used in the recent years to provide support for a variety of ongoing programs. From promoting AIDS and cancer awareness, to supporting the non-smoking, alcoholism, anti-drugs, and obesity campaigns, rubber wristbands are timeless and efficient in spreading ideologies. The people who wear them are instantly turned into walking promotional materials. They are spreading an idea without them even knowing.

Hailed as one of this decades most powerful promotional material, rubber wristbands are ubiquitous in their nature. Silicone is a very strong material that lasts, which makes it a very good promotional piece. You’re bound to see someone with a silicone wristband while walking down the street or visiting a mall. In the recent years, these bracelets have been used to symbolize a variety of causes, designed by the fundraiser and sold to wiling supporters. The color of a rubber wristband pertains to what it signifies. Popular causes have owned these colors and through time have successfully made them their own. Here are a couple of the most famous causes with their preferred colors.


Orange is used by the American Cancer Society and the Multiple Sclerosis Organization. Orange wristbands are used by these organizations to promote a smoke-free lifestyle and encourage the awareness of multiple sclerosis a very debilitating disorder that deserves to be known.


Red is used for Heart Disease Prevention and the AIDS Awareness group. AIDS is an incurable STD that has claimed the lives of thousands of people on earth. The AIDS Awareness group has utilized wristbands to make the society more aware about the rising number of people with AIDS.


Yellow is used by Lance Armstrong’s LiveStrong campaign. LiveStrong is the very first group to ever use rubber wristbands to raise funds for cancer research.


Green is used by a number of renowned environmental groups all over the world. You can see a variety of messages imprinted on these green wristbands, such as Save the Earth or Practice Green Living. Green wristbands are worn to make people more aware of imminent danger of global warming and dangerously high carbon footprints.


Pink is used by the Breast Cancer Awareness Organization for their fundraising exploits. You’ll often see women wear these bracelets, with the iconic pink ribbon engraved on one side. The selling of pink bracelets is to support breast cancer research.

Apart from being used to support a variety of causes, rubber wristbands have been used to by a number of businesses as well for promotion purposes. Events are advertised through wristbands, as well as new products or new services. If you’re looking forward to using silicone wristbands for your business exploits, there are a number of sites offering rubber wristband making services online. Research the Internet for more information.